Japanese Folk Dance Juku


Offers you an opportunity to learn Japanese folk dance.
Please contact Shohei Kikuchi for more information.

About Man Yo Shu

Shohei Kikuchi,a skilled teacher and a master of Japanese folk dance for thirty-five years at Warabi-za, is offering dance instruction to individuals and groups who are interested in learning Japanese folk dances.

Everyone is welcome to learn the art of Japanese folk dance,regardless of nationality,gender,age,or profession.All students will enjoy a wide selection of Japanese folk dances,which represent the many regions of Japan.And many will be inspired by the warmth and dedication of an experienced teacher who has performed and created folk dance at Warabi-za for thirty-five years.

If you are interested in learning Japanese folk dance,please e-mail Shohei Kikuchi.He can work out special arrangments for you or your group.

Man Yo Shu Mission Statement

Folk dance in Japan represents a multitude of places,feelings,and natural things.There are unique dances from the sea,mountains,villages,and rice fields.There are dances that represent images from birds and animals.There are dances that are manifestations of the human heart.And there are dances that embrace nature by showing the land and sea.Dancing is for everyone who embraces nature and gathers together in work and play.

About Symbol Mark

Outside of the Mark is a circle put two pieces of Binzasara together,Binzasara is a musical instrument used to play a folk dance Kokiriko Bushi originated in Gokayama,Toyama prefecture.This musical instrument is mode of one hundred eight pieaces of Binzasara.Binzasara is a long linked thin boards which produces plain music.I designed the symbol mark for an image of my estimation for folk dance which has been handed down from father to son for many generations.I wish people will enjoy this traditional dances and make a circle of their dancing hand in hand.I have an image of people dancing together in good will.The figure something like a face of human being in the center is designed initial letters of MAN YO SHU.

Japanese Folk Dance Juku
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