contents of MAN YO SHU activity

Dance Juku

This is a school where Shohei Kikuchi,a dancer and an arranger with forty- eight-year experience of folk dance will tell you the art of dancing with sincerity.

Jindai Juku

For the time being,I start my activity at my house in Jindai village.The Juku is not wide enough for lesson but it is where I live and also it is a training room I work with you.In near future I will find an appropriate space for a training room.

Delivery Juku

Anyone or any group in Japan or even in foreign country who are interested in the Juku activity,if contact Shohei Kikuchi, he will come and see you. Then he will consult with you how to proceed a lesson and a training.


Your any request to have a workshop is welcome. For instance, if you work on theme of folk dance in general. Or if you want to learn any particular dance and to have a lesson. Or if you like to find out any dance suitable for you to dance.
( For your information I will have workshops several times a year which appear on home page)

Special Course

If anyone who would like to specilize dancing folk dance to higher level, I will be pleased to help you with all my knowledge.It is my delight to talk with you and work together to level up Japanease folk dance.

Volunteer activity and solo performance

If people,anyone or any group, wont to enjoy dancing in your meeting-family,nursery school,homes or society-please contact me, I will try to make your meeting happy and joyful with you together.